What We Do

Support people of all ages with a physical, intellectual or psycho social disability


Mirrors Care Pty Ltd provides supported independent living options built around your dreams and aspirations.

You may choose to be very independent with as little or as much support as you need; live alone or with friends.

Your team is created and chosen by you.

Support is based on the principles of positive behaviour support, active support, skill development, community inclusion and social participation all focused on you.

Your home, your team, your dream.

Daily Living Support

Life has its challenges, add a physical, intellectual or psycho social disability and it can be really tough.

Mirrors Care helps people with disabilities of all ages to learn life skills and build on their strengths that will help improve their independence. Problem-solving, handling money, personal care, domestic independence, and meal preparation are just some of the skills learned at your own pace and capability.

Mirrors Care will encourage, support and teach you to cope with your everyday activities, so you can continue your independent living.

Community and Wellbeing Activities

Mirrors Care endeavor to help their clients embrace every opportunity to help them engage in a good life. Community Outings provide the opportunity for clients to develop social skills, attend a class, group activity, learn new things and meet new people while connecting to their community.

Mirrors Care offer a range of tailored individual supports than can be accessed through the NDIS.

Having a Break (Respite)

It’s not just the caregivers that need a break. Respite care makes it possible for a person with a physical, intellectual or psycho social disability and their family or caregivers to take a break, this could be a couple of hours or a few days.

Mirrors Care Pty Ltd help you ‘take a break’, we are flexible and we can come to you to provide respite care in your own home/accommodation, or we can support the person with the disability to attend social and recreational events, or general outings. 

Having a break allows us to bring something new back into our lives and conversations as family and caregivers. It is the sunshine on rainy days. Respite will assist caregivers and their families to continue in their caring roles, improve their health and wellbeing, as part of a healthy and balanced life.

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