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SEO Website Copywriting

Start from scratch or revamp your worn out website. Combine charming copy with oodles of SEO oomph and convert browsers into buyers. 

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Marketing materials

Clear, clever, convincing messages everywhere, every time. Brochures, press articles, media releases, product descriptions, sales emails, newsletters, and tag lines. 

Toot your trumpet

Blogs, opinion pieces, social media

Keep your customers satisfied with fresh, tasty brand building blogs. Express yourself in a fun or a furious rant about things that bug you or boost you. Raise your game with a smashing social media campaign.

Be brave with your brand

Training materials, reports, awards

I’ve worn many project management hats in my time. Whether it’s a case study, annual report, award submission, capability statement, or something else entirely – I can take a brief and whip it into words that get you the outcomes you need – on time, every time.

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You’ve embarked on your biggest and best adventure yet with a new business in your 50s or 60s. I’ll help you navigate the digital marketing maze and make it a success.

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You make simply beautiful things – jam or jewellery, wine or websites. And you do it with minimal impact on the environment. I’ll help you win work and make sales.

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You advocate for your community and help humans live purposeful, healthy lives. Get a pro on your team who can advocate for *you* and help your business can thrive.

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About Mary Cameron

The Wrinkly Writer



I’ve been writing clear, convincing words for exacting humans over 40 years. As a lecturer, training designer, digital project manager and freelance copywriter I’ve seen it all.

I’m a New Zealand writer based in la belle France. But distance is no barrier to whip-smart words. It simply means my southern-hemisphere clients get fresh copy with their morning coffee

Life-long runner turned endurance cyclist. Salt water enthusiast. Bossed by a ginger cat. Wife to darling husband and mother to lovely lad. Grumpy loser of board games

As an homage to the oysterly art of turning grit into gorgeousness, you’ll never see me without my pearls.

Take a squizz at my work


Brand content to help makers and ground breakers grow their global presence

Everything from web pages to white papers for pioneering inventors of aero-mechanical conveying and world leaders in materials handling technologies

Read more

Jo Green Coaching

Deeply researched, faff-free blogs to inform, engage and encourage career changers

Fortnightly articles and monthly newsletters packed with practical advice, and loads of links; delivered in a down to earth, reassuring and fun tone of voice

Read more

Louis Valenzuela

About page and revamped resume with fewer words and more meaning

Copy editing and resume redesign to help a quirky, quiet achieving UX Product Designer win more work

Read more

Laura Redige

Plain English editing that polishes and protects a powerful message

Structural editing and proofreading to ensure that no nuance gets lost in translation from this talented, tri-lingual writer’s work

Read more


Case studies that spell success in under 300 words

Crisply written micro case studies using a tone of voice to match the elegant, simplicity of estrat’s business technology solutions

Read more

Max Gecko Design

Website copy that captures capability, commitment and class

Seriously fun copy with a little bit of lizardry for a design studio with massive heart and smarts

Read more

Featured Project 

Max Gecko Design 

Website copy, social media, print advertising

‘Mary does faff-free everything. Her digital and print copy hits the mark every time, and everywhere.’ She is also a funny, warm, and generous human.’   Sue Waterson, Owner, Max Gecko Design  

3 things I love about Max Gecko

  1.  Impeccable design smarts
  2. Fuss- free, fun way of working
  3. Dedication to going the extra mile

Learn more about the Website kit and caboodle package.

Mary The Wrinkly Writer


What even is copywriting?

Copywriting is the art and  science of converting curious readers into contented customers. Copy is the skilful, accurate, enticing words you need to market your products and services. 

Good copywriting is invisible to humans. They don’t see the words and how they work. They simply see a ‘must have’ solution or an irresistible way to enhance their lives.   

Good copywriting is visible to robots. They give it the Google tick and whoosh, up go your rankings. Cue more eyes on your business, more sales and more work. 

Why are you the The Wrinkly Writer?

Three reasons. It’s fun (just like me). It’s a nod to my oodles of experience and expertise in writing everything imaginable. And it’s a shout out to other wrinklies doing wonderful work, proving that age is no barrier to making a positive difference for people and the planet.

Who do you write for?

I work with businesses and not for profit organisations with heart and smarts. My clients are ethical and inventive. They’re also curious, courageous and clear about contributing to a fairer, kinder, greener world. They’re the good guys. 

You live in France I don't, how does that work?

It works a treat. Thanks to the time difference, if you’re an Australian or New Zealand client, you’ll wake up to fresh copy with your morning coffee.

My Breton town is medieval, but my Internet connection is fibre fast. Perfect for chatting on Zoom or Skype or WhatsApp or via Messenger.

Here’s how I work with you wherever you are.

Do you do editing?

I love editing. Send me a sample of something you need reviewed. I’ll do a test polish and send you a quote. If I think you need a complete rewrite, I’ll tell you why, how I’d do it, and what it will cost.

Can you help me with a job application?

Absolutely. I’d love to help you land your dream job. If you need your resume, and selection criteria and cover letters written, I’ll help you hit the mark.

Besides being word perfect and telling a standout story, your wrinkly written resume can also be graphically designed to win by the wonderful team at Max Gecko Designs.

If you want to work on an interview performance to match your dead brill documents, we can rehearse via Zoom or Skype. I’ll be the HR harridan from hell, you’ll be your awesome self.

Hiring a copywriter to help you ace your next job application is a smart move. Here’s why..

Why isn't my website ranking on Google?

There could be loads of reasons why Google doesn’t love you.

You’ve fallen for set and forget
Your website is a living breathing beast. it will die if you fail to feed it fresh, engaging content. Google’s EAT acronym (Expertise, Authoritativeness Trustworthiness) sets the bar for quality content.

Your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is weak
A full SEO audit will tell you what needs fixing, page by page and in your site’s mysterious back end. In short, you need a well-built site that’s fast, easy to navigate, has the right keywords in the right places, loads of credible backlinks and sound social media support.

You’re a new kid on the block with heaps of high profile competitors
If you’ve sorted your quality content and sound SEO then patience is probably what you need.

Getting zero love from the Google bots? 
I can help.

Can you help me get my website built?

Yes! You can trust me to take care of the entire kit and caboodle.

You’ll save yourself the hassle and headache of assembling the top team it takes to create a great website. You’ll also save a project management fee. I don’t charge for the fun and satisfaction I get from coordinating projects like yours.

I partner with dead brill designers and developers with oodles of technical nous and a knack for creative collaboration. We’ll quote you for a complete build and itemise the copy, design and development components.

If you need help to star on social media or persuade in print, I’ll also organise that from go to whoa.

Client love

“Mary is the Swiss Army knife of wordsmithery, without being Swiss or a knife. She is insanely easy to work with, and she ‘got’ my situation and brand immediately…”

Louis Valenzuela

Product Designer, LV

“Mary is a very skilled and experienced copywriter and I can rely on a rapid, spot on response to any copy job I throw at her….”

Rhys Walker

CEO, Floveyor

“I’m always amazed by Mary’s work. She writes the cleverest, most magical jewellery descriptions imaginable, at a moment’s notice…”

Evelyn Henschke

Master Jeweler, Henschke Jewellery


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